We bring advanced designs in your everyday life.

Neucarl is a design-driven company that's passionate about creating unique experiences. Design Matters, let's create something beautiful.

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our 3-PILARS

Strive for Excellence, Focus on Pleasure, and Think Big.

strive for


We bring good design in your life. Through our culture and beliefs, we aim to produce and distribute great watches to great people.



We are committed to making you have a good time with us, and to be an integral part of your rich life.


Think Big

We want to become one of the best luxury watch companies. And spread our optimism. And promote expression through design. And...

We're on a mission. We envision a world where everyone can live a rich life: get access to art and culture, live its ideal lifestyle, and achieve amazing things. Because the only thing better than life is a rich life, Design Matters.

Neucarl is a design company that aspires to become one of the most recognized and valued independent watch brands. We are driven by the passion to create unique watches that inspire positive emotions through their designs. Our rich life consists in learning something new everyday, getting great people together out of their confort zone, designing stunning watches, and getting out of our comfort zone everyday. We put all of our soul into subtle designs and our energy in a high-level of satisfaction that way.


What we’ve done

Expanding to the United States

Opening of an office to develop the distribution of the brand's creations.

Introducing the Model 02

A brand new design that will retain the avant-garde and retro-futuristic design so specific to Neucarl

Three new Editions

Launch of the new Paris, New York, and Reykjavik Edition in pre-orders, then on Kickstarter.

Beginning of the design of Model 02

Presentation to Neucarl customers and email subscribers of the first sketches of Model 02

First Shipments

On-time delivery of all spring and summer orders.  Neucarl is gaining traction.

Second Kickstarter

The true story of Neucarl's creation arouses the support of demanding, very experienced enthusiasts. The project achieves 200% of its goal and we add 2 new Editions.

Neucarl is now a company

Creation of a joint stock company to give a framework to the Neucarl project.


Launch of pre-orders for the first Limited Edition of The Sept Mai: Founders. First success.

The first model will be called The Sept Mai

The first reflections around this new project began on May 7, a date to be celebrated.

First Kickstarter project

The project does not reach its goal, but the comments are very encouraging. The groundwork continues.

The first prototype is manufactured, and it is good!

The value proposition is refined and we take care of each detail in anticipation of the product-market fit test.

Long series of sketches and prototypes

Cases, dials, hands, straps...  The project team is enriched with new talents.

Neucarl is chosen for brand name

It's a contraction of New –Neu in German + Carlier –Founder's name.


Initially, the idea is to create a website around design and to offer a selection of watches among a large selection of designer objects.

Kick off as a side project

Reflections, contacts and first sketches. They are bad.

Design is thinking made visual, and we never quit thinking: we seek to inspire positive emotions through unique designs.

François Carlier,

Meet the team

We’re dedicated to building a diverse team — in all senses of the word. And in the spirit of our behavior of radical candor: we’re not there yet. But here’s how we’re doing so far.

Autumn Sporer

CEO & Founder

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Amie Russel

CRO & Co-founder

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Martin Wallace

Account Manager

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