“We seek to inspire positive emotions through unique designs”

François Carlier,
Founder and CEO

The values, beliefs, and convictions that shape Neucarl's mindset


Keep our independence, whatever it takes, no matter what they say. Freedom has no price.


Take the time necessary to bring any idea to life. Rome was not built in a day.


Seek excellence in all areas. The average is sufficient but less funny: you might as well give everything from the start.


We never give up because we choose to struggle. Obstacles are part of the journey, that's how it is.


Always put long-term satisfaction ahead of short-term profit, for customers and for ourselves.


Consider the other's point of view. Communicate in an authentic, humble way. Success is a consequence, not an end.

Brand Heart

2 ― How we do it

Design is thinking made visual. We never quit thinking.


To give form to a vision.

We trust the creative process to express ourselves, to create something of enduring value. Neucarl has a stylish design, one of a kind, driven by passion. Throughout the past year, we developed a keen self-awareness and the skills to lead the projects that support our vision.


Neucarl was born from the desire to change the rules.

Watchmaking makes our eyes shine and gives us intense moments of pleasure through our conversations with our partners, suppliers and customers. These hundreds of hours spent each month serving Neucarl's projects prove to us that our strongest convictions deserve to be defended :

Are confrontation, opposition and conflicting relationships necessary in our daily life? We have long defined The Company and the professional world in this way. We refuse it. We prefer Positivism.

Here are our Pilars.

To promote expression through design and help independent designers to emerge.

To push for a healthier lifestyle and decide to live a rich life.

To encourage entrepreneurship mindset and help others succeed and thrive.

Design Matters

3 ― What we do.

We manufacture high-quality dress watches, with unique designs, in small series, sold at the fair price.

Neucarl is the only independent brand that produces dress watches from zero, without any catalog parts yet below the $ 1,000 mark, for subtle and refined enthusiasts worldwide, instinctively drawn to the positive emotions sparked by striking designs. In an era of standardization that dramatically oppresses creativity, Neucarl says Design Matters.

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Not just another microbrand
Here is Neucarl's 2020 timeline

We're just getting started.

Early Preorders

May 2020

We decided on a selective pre-launch of The Sept Mai to a small audience. Our bold design proposal was warmly received by an audience of enthusiasts from 13 countries around the world. Neucarl now exists in the eyes of connoisseurs.
Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign

June / July 2020

In June / July 2020, Neucarl presented The Sept Mai to a broader audience, Kickstarter.
Without resorting to a large marketing budget, the campaign's financial objective is reached in 12 hours. The Sept Mai ends its 20 days' campaign with a 200% achievement of the aim, which definitely convinces us of the relevance of our approach.
Late Preorders

October 2020

Have you missed native pre-orders? Haven't you heard of the Kickstarter campaign? Last chance to pre-order your The Sept Mai at a special price.
Preorder now »
Official Launch

November 2020

The three editions are now in stock, sold at retail price and on your wrist within days.
Visit the Shop page.
Neucarl in practice

4 ― Who we are.

Neucarl is a one-man business led by François Carlier and powered by a crew of talented independents, all skilled specialists in their respective fields. We share the passion for the Beautiful and Well Made. The ambition for Neucarl is to build in the next 5 years a brand among the most recognized and appreciated by watch enthusiasts, for its unique and typical aesthetics, its integrity, and its high level of commitment to its customers.

We are Neucarl.

Press & Media
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The company was born in France at the end of 2019. François Carlier, 40, is its Founder and President.

The Sept Mai is the company's first achievement.

The project was available on Kickstarter from June 17, 2020, with a late October delivery.
  • 2019
    Inception year
  • 200%
    Project funded on Kickstarter
  • 20+
    Countries from where people preorder