Life is full of uncertainties and sometimes problems arise. Don't worry, there is always a solution. If you encounter a malfunction, we will take care of your Neucarl watch.
Like all precision products, your Neucarl watches need regular maintenance and care. Our first watches left the workshop in November 2020 and should not require servicing before 2024-2025, though.
Life is full of uncertainties, and accidents sometimes happen.
If you accidentally damage your Neucarl watch, you can consult us in order to estimate the repair costs, the deadlines, and the terms of a secure transport of your watch between us. For this purpose, please complete the form below.
The articles are under your responsibility until we receive your parcel so please only use a tracked delivery service.
Important information
Please note that your watches are guaranteed for two years after the initial purchase, against any possible manufacturing defect. The warranty does not cover the consequences of wearing the watch, or accidental damage - fall or shock, for example. If we determine that the warranty does not apply, our intervention and transport costs will be chargeable.

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