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Neucarl intends to offer a bold, modernist design with retro-futuristic overtones. Primarily influenced by the fascinating Streamline Moderne trend from the middle of the 20th century, we borrow from the past and the future to capture the moment through stunning timepieces.

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French retro-futurism brings a fresh take on the dress watch • The Watch Clicker • USA • 01.2021

"What a breath of fresh air to get something in for review that’s different. Something that isn’t another diver (no offense), that doesn’t feature the same Subcase with tiny tweaks (offense) (...) it’s a novel, beautiful design that leaves one distinctly satisfied when the watch is on the wrist"

Neucarl Sept Mai • The Time Bum • UK • 12.2020

"The Sept Mai is an exceptional watch and a master class in balance. I love the contrast between the smooth, sensuous case and the sharp metal dial overlay. It is at once industrial and organic. François  clearly has a firm grasp of the foundations of Modernist design and as a result, has given us a watch that will still look cutting-edge 20 years from now. I was blown away by this watch and if you have any affinity for Modernism, I suspect you will be too. "

The Sept Mai strikes a bold chord • Watcha • USA • 11.2020

"It’s tough to pull off a simple design in the crowded watch world. But it’s nearly impossible to do what the Neucarl Sept Mai accomplishes: A simple design that is wholly unique and appealing. (...) The Sept Mai is quite simply one of the finest examples of creative and mature microbrand design I’ve seen, which is an amazing feat for a first release."

Neucarl Sept Mai Review • UK • Wrist Watch Review • 11.2020

"The dial is the star of the show, here. Neucarl has fitted a beautiful multi-layered dial with crisp printing and a wonderful sense of depth (...). The chapter ring gently curves upwards to form a bowl shape. It really is a beautiful design, and little touches like the angles of the date window just add to the overall appeal."

Neucarl : Stylistiquement vôtre… • France • Atlantico • 06.2020

"Il y a beaucoup de maturité dans l’expression esthétique de cette « montre de designer », qui se place au carrefour d’un certain minimalisme industriel et de la tradition horlogère des beaux objets de poignet."

Neucarl : Test et avis en avant première • France • La petite Trotteuse• 01.2020

"Neucarl est une nouvelle marque qui s’insère avec brio le « haut de gamme » des montres à prix accessibles. (...)
C’est une montre très élégante, qui s’associe à la perfection avec une belle chemise ou une veste basique, mais est aussi agréable à porter au quotidien. (...) Les finitions sont parfaites, le look réussi, et le prix est raisonnable."