We are Neucarl. For us, a watch is not just the only male jewel of our time, but a way to make a time, past or future, sometimes both. That's what animates us when starting a new project.


The Sept Mai – nw.01

The Sept Mai has a strong identity, a unique character. Its forms are designed to reveal and not to conceal, part of a post-modern architecture and industrial design, with fluid lines and smooth curves.

THE SEPT MAI – nw.01

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The Sept Mai is driven by the Sellita SW215-1 hand-wound, which can be seen through the sapphire crystal.

FALL 2021

The Sept Mai – Platinum Special Edition

Our future model 03 is in the reflection phase. We are currently building the moodboard and draw inspiration from the new meetings that have marked in 2020. New desires, new ideas, new ambitions. To be continued.

DEUX – nw.02

Discover Deux in details

There's 360 degrees, so why stick to one?

FALL 2021

Deux – nw.02

Our goal with Neucarl Deux is to pay homage to the work of the great architect Zaha Hadid, paying special attention to each element to achieve a design that leaves a feeling of daring harmony, subtly integrated, letting lines breathe with ease.

winter 2021

Trois – nw.03

Our future model Trois is in the process of being considered. We are currently building the mood board and we are inspired by the new encounters that have made 2021. New desires, new ideas, new ambitions. To be continued.

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