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" The Sept Mai is an exceptional watch and a master class in balance. It is at once industrial and organic. That will still look cutting-edge 20 years from now. "

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The eyes are useless when
the mind is blind

The designs that fascinate us the most have something in common: they cross eras, trends, fashions. Objects, spaces or buildings that meet these criteria have lines that meet the requirements of their function, but not only. They are able to provide positive feelings. This is the heart of Neucarl design, starting with the sporty-chic timepieces from the Sept Mai series. Inspired by the post-modern architectural trend, this project point is to break with the classicism of the traditional watchmaking offer, and to propose an unusual conception of some elements.

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A fresh take on the dress watch

Everything is designed. A few things are designed well. Our mission was to create a unique watch, a surprising timepiece with flowing lines, as dressy as it is sport-chic.


Assertive Roots

Beyond trends, far from fast-fashion, the unique aesthetic of The Sept Mai incorporates the desire to have a floating case, a symbol of openness and rediscovered freedom.


Retro-futuristic Soul

A daring mix of classic design codes, subtle contemporary influences, and retro-futuristic takes.


Post-modernist design with retro-futuristic overtones

The Sept Mai has a strong identity, a unique character. Its forms are designed to reveal and not to conceal, part of a post-modern architecture and industrial design, with fluid lines and smooth curves.


Transparent back case

The Sept Mai is driven by the Sellita SW215-1 hand-wound, which can be seen through the sapphire crystal.


A watch that
works for everyone.

The Sept Mai displays an elegant, balanced and daring expression. We use space as a guiding light and offer a modern design with a strong character: depth and relief, voids and fluid curves, along with subtle original details.


Unparalleled finesse

Clear and easy-to-read indexes carefully designed.


The Streamlined Design

The design of the case responds to this desire to avoid traditional angles and break traditional design codes and finally display unfailing dynamism.


Make it simple but significant

A stylish timepiece. We only use exclusive parts for each component, from the case to the hands. No chance that you will come face to face with a similar watch.


Stay Classy

At the heart of our approach, the extreme attention to detail, and the need to bring something different, without reinventing the wheel.
Most of our time consists in interpreting certain codes of past industrial design, borrowing some provocative ideas from the future, and grasping in the moment some contemporary clues.


Choose your Edition

The Sept Mai is available in 6 models, which illustrate the sporting elegance of the brand.

Founders Edition

Our iconic Founders Edition model takes up the codes of mid-20th century industrial design and surprises with its post-modern accents.

Roma Edition

A timeless classic. The Roma Edition brings you the purity of its white dial with silver reflections, the contrast of its matte hands, the finesse of its curves.

Berlin Edition

Boldness. Colorful, contrasting, like the city that gives it its name, the Berlin Edition adds its retro-futuristic touch to the The Sept Mai collection.

Paris Edition

A hot temper dressed in unparalleled class.

New York Edition

The New York edition pays homage to the city that never sleeps, its neon lights, and its night never totally dark.

Reykjavik Edition

The Five Elements united, and embodied, in one place. The Reykjavik Edition celebrates Iceland and its uniqueness.

NEUCarl ambassadors

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Aurélien, France

The Sept Mai is really amazing and I see a great potential in your brand.

Gerard, Switzerland

You have a future classic in your hands. Congrats, you made a dream come to life (yours and mine), and you sure did deliver! 😃

Peter, Canada

Elegance, design and entrepreneurial story decided my choice. The incredible price at this level of quality did the rest!

Philip, United Kingdom

Fell in love the unique “wearability” of the The Sept Mai, the design being a cross-over between a dress and smart everyday watch.

Kevin, United Kingdom

Well, the man at DHL has just drop this off. The Neucarl Sept Mai - fantastic design 😊😊

Oscar, USA

Well, today is a great has travelled from France, through Germany, and finally was delivered to me. It’s the small details that count and this watch is full of them. It’s an amazing watch aesthetically and so comfortable to wear.  

Simon, Germany

The design is gorgeous, it is incredibly comfortable to wear and looks great on the wrist with its open minimalist look.

Kyle, USA

Fantastic work. I've participated in countless crowdfunding campaigns and your communication, authenticity, and product execution were absolutely impeccable. Well done!

Didier, France

Really gorgeous... I'm at work, and the sept mai has to left my wrist temporarily 😟

Luca, Canada

Just want to say Thank You. The details and uniqueness of the design will translate into many hours of wear time. You over achieved as per my personal criteria.

Christopher, United Kingdom

I'm completely blown away. Words, photos and videos cannot depict how gorgeous this watch is. This timepiece will never leave my humble collection.

Michael, Singapore

Just a stunning looking watch. Insane strap and case ⚡️

Stéphane, France

It is very elegant, very successful, and I really like the modern grain bracelet.

Andy, Australia

Really impressive! And pictures don't do justice to it... so many details and it's so confortable to wear

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