Terms & Conditions

Last updated: May 1, 2020


Allure Developpement, The Company, a French Simplified Joint Stock company with a capital of 1000,00 euros, whose registered office is at 450 rue Baden Powell, registered at the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) in Montpellier, France under no. 879849396 , which company represents and commercializes the Neucarl Brand and Products.


The Client, any physical or legal person who has pre-ordered a Neucarl product, as it happens a Neucarl The Sept Mai Watch.

It is thus agreed as follows :
Preorders conditions:
  • The Client, by completing the online pre-order form on the website neucarl.com and by paying the pre-order fee, is entitled to be placed on the waiting list for the order of an Neucarl The Sept Mai Watch which should be available for shipping Fall 2020.
  • The Client can cancel his pre-order at any time during 30 days after its payment, by contacting hello@neucarl.com – The Company will refund 100% of the paid amount to the Client within 2 working days upon reception of the cancellation.
  • As pre-orders consist of making a specific product in a precise quantity on-demand, no refund will be possible after the proposed 30-day withdrawal period has passed. In fact, the sums are then definitively committed to the production of the reserved models.
  • However, suppose the number of pre-orders is not sufficient to start production of the product. In that case, the Client will be fully refunded.
  • Around 15 days before the Neucarl Product production begins, the Company will contact the Client by any mean to let him know about the success of the funding.
  • Around 30 days before the Neucarl Product is shipped, the final delivery address will be requested by email from the Client in order to avoid the vagaries of delivery.
  • On this occasion, if the billed Client is an individual living within the European economic area, a call for payment of VAT will be made in order to comply with our legal obligation to collect it.  If the Client is a company with a VAT number, invoicing may be done without tax.
Please note:
  • No delivery can be made before payment of VAT (20%), when it is due.
  • Not paying VAT corresponds to a pre-order abandonment. The sums committed cannot be reimbursed. After the initial notification, the Client will be contacted by the Company on D + 7 and D + 14 to regularize his account..
  • The Client acknowledges that his pre-order confirmation and payment are personal and can't be assigned or transferred without the prior consent of the Company.

These Terms and Conditions are governed by French Law.